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What to expect

At the Hot Sausage Company, we take great pride in being a well-run business that uses only top-quality ingredients for our tasty hot dogs. This is the case whether you purchase one of our sausages from a stall on the high street or you have booked us for event catering such as your wedding, party or corporate event.


There are plenty of different options for our hungry clients at the Hot Sausage Company. As well as our traditional hot dogs, we offer the full range of trimmings with everything from traditional ketchup to fried or crispy onions and cheese. We also now sell vegan hot dogs.


The sausages we sell are made to our own recipe and specifications. This means that they are derived from fresh ingredients and cooked to order every time. If you buy a meal kit from us, then it will be fresh enough to last for 48 hours before it needs to be consumed.

Best Produce

We only use the best produce for our hot dogs at the Hot Sausage Company. This comes down to the cheese and onion we provide as well as the buns and the sausages themselves. Why not see for yourself and order today.

Private Events 

We can deal with all sorts of private events, such as anniversary parties and birthday celebrations, to name but two. If you want a fast service at your event with tasty food that everyone will enjoy, then contact the Hot Sausage Company without further delay.

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Wedding Hire

We have a great deal of experience catering at weddings. If you want to make sure your big day goes without a hitch, then booking reliable caterers like the Hot Sausage Company is essential. We can deal with large and small wedding parties. If you want a fast service at your big day with tasty food that everyone will enjoy, then contact the Hot Sausage Company today!

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Corporate Events

As a professionally run firm, the Hot Sausage Company knows the importance of dependability at corporate events. We cater to all sorts of business events – from company get-togethers to product launches – and we can help to ensure your corporate event goes with a swing.

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Public Events

We are well-versed in public events which are open to all, too. So, if you are running a charity event or a free concert, for example, and need reliable caterers, then we’d be delighted to discuss our terms with you, as well. Get in touch with us today to see if we are the ones for you!

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